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Seek The Counsel of The Lord

Clyde Thomas

Jul 20th 2021 · Day 201

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‘But Jehoshaphat also said to the king of Israel, “First seek the counsel of the Lord”’ (1 Kings 22:5, NIV).

In this chapter we learn a vital lesson about our daily decision-making. We see that Jehoshaphat encouraged the king to seek the counsel of the Lord before deciding to go to war. Now, granted, the decisions we make may not seem as lofty as this, but nevertheless, each and every decision that we make is a part of a very real battle, the battle between our flesh and the Spirit.

In my experience, God gives us counsel in several ways.

Firstly, God guides us through His peace. I recall when I was a young Christian, knowing I was called to full-time ministry and wanting to prepare for that journey. I attended a couple of Bible colleges to have a look around and felt a distinct peace in my heart as soon as I entered the Mattersey Hall campus. It was later confirmed to me in several other ways. 

Secondly, God guides us through His written word. Often, when we open God’s Word and read it consistently, we find that it reads our lives! God’s Word, although written many thousands of years ago, can speak directly into our situations today. 

Thirdly, God guides us through the counsel of wise people. Yes, God’s voice can definitely come through others. I’ve made it a life discipline to ask for confirmation on big life decisions with at least two mentors in the faith. I’m very careful to breach the counsel of my mentors; God would have to write it on the wall for me to ignore godly counsel.

Pause and reflect: Are you seeking His counsel? Who are your mentors?

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Clyde Thomas

Clyde is a passionate follower of Jesus who serves as the lead pastor of Victory Church and the UK director for Hope Center Ministries. He is married to Rebekah and together they are sold out for the cause of Christ in their generation. He started Bible in a Year to help people grow in their devotional lives. Follow him on Twitter: @MrClydeT

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