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The Power of The Word

Alan Jefferies

Jul 22nd 2021 · Day 203

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Most, if not all, Christians would agree that the ultimate calling on the life of a follower of Jesus is to be like Him. In fact, the Greek word that is translated throughout the Gospels as ‘disciple’ has at its root the meaning to ‘follow’ or to ‘learn from’ another person. Paul highlights this truth too, when he writes: ‘For those whom [God] foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son … (Romans 8:29).

Jesus, then, is not just our role model and example but is actually more than someone we follow. Being like Him is the reason that we walk the path we are called to walk. If that is the case, where do we start? 

Jesus lays down the pattern for us. When faced with temptation, as we see in Matthew 4, Jesus immediately relies on the Word of God. He doesn’t try to argue or reason, He simply goes straight to the Word. Applying God’s Word to any and every situation we face is guaranteed to bring victory over the enemy of our soul. It is by doing this that that we can be conformed to the image of Jesus.

The same Word of God warns us to bring our thoughts captive when they would otherwise lead us astray (see 2 Corinthians 10:5). How do we do that? We measure them against the Word of God and apply what it says. It alone has the power to transform.

Jesus was able to apply God’s Word because He already knew it. The same applies to us. The question we should consider, then, is this: what priority does knowing His Word have within our lives?

Pause and reflect: How much time do you spend reading God’s Word? Perhaps these Bible notes are helping. As you read the suggested chapters, ask God to reveal what He wants to say to you in and through them.

Written By

Alan Jefferies

Alan and his wife Paula have both known and served Jesus since childhood in various capacities in their local church communities. They are both also a part of Prayer Centre Wales and share the passion for prayer to return to the heart of the nation.

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