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The Futility of Hiding

Mark Greveson

Jan 5th 2021 · Day 5

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Humanity’s fall in Adam and Eve is a well-known story from the book of Genesis and gives an account of the first couple’s disobedience.

We read the story of them eating the fruit of the forbidden tree, despite having a wonderful relationship with the God who walked and talked with them in the garden. This led to a history of problems for them and all their descendants. 

Perhaps we picture an angry and displeased father arriving in the garden to judge and punish because He simply cannot bear to look on them. Maybe that is an experience you have had with an earthly parent. You understand the pain and shame of a parent’s displeasure.

Read the story carefully and you may see something different about our God the Father. 

He arrives in the garden and already knows they have disobeyed, yet He looks for them and calls out for them. He never hides Himself from them and has no objection to interaction with them.

The greatest act of disobedience is to ‘hide in shame’.

You see, our Father has no objection to communicating with sinful people; in fact, He has always sought out the sinful to bring them forgiveness, peace and healing. 

Our greatest crime is ‘hiding’ and, in doing so, declaring that He cannot remedy our situation, that He is not capable or prepared to do all to restore us.

Pause and reflect: Mark 2:5: ‘And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”’ God, manifest in the flesh of humanity, went to every hiding place to forgive and heal. If you are hiding in your shame, it is time to step out and let Him speak to you. He has your solution. Let Him fix the problem.

Written By

Mark Greveson

A follower of Jesus since the age of 21 and living in Newport, South Wales. Mark is 55 years old, married to Natalie and the father of six adult children and now collecting grandchildren.  Surrendering to Jesus shortly after serving in the British Army during the 1980’s, Mark identifies an amazing life journey that’s been spiritually educated by frequent struggle and suffering. 

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