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Keep Looking Up

Sheila Jacobs

Sep 8th 2021 · Day 251

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There have been times in my life when I really didn’t know what to do. Have you ever been in a situation like that? Unable to find a way out of the maze we seem to be wandering about in, we only have one option. No – not to sit down and give up! Instead, to ‘lift up [our] eyes’ (see Psalm 123:1) to the One who is the great and mighty King, worthy of all praise and worship. 

Life can be tough, but if we fix our eyes on the circumstances, we may at times – like Peter, when he ‘saw the wind’ rather than focusing on Jesus (Matthew 14:30) – find the waters of life threatening to overwhelm us. At such times – in fact, at all times – God wants us to look to Him, the provider and source of our well-being. 

Psalm 123 encourages us to look up, not down. To raise our eyes, and not be afraid. There’s a feeling of such persistence here – we keep looking, we keep our eyes on Him, till He answers (v. 2). It seems God likes us to persist.

As we focus more and more on Him, and the things of this world fall behind us like shadows, in the place of desperation we find peace, and hope. We find rest.

In this world, if we keep looking up, we might be in danger of stumbling over something we just haven’t noticed on the path. But with God, looking up means not stumbling. We need to fall in step with Him; to walk through our lives at His pace. 

Pause and reflect: Do you tend to look down more than you look up? Think about it!

Written By

Sheila Jacobs

Sheila Jacobs is a Christian writer and editor, and an award-winning author. She is also a retreat leader and day chaplain at a retreat house. She loves listening to people’s stories, and encouraging writers to hone their
potential. She is passionate about pursuing God and helping others meet with Jesus.

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