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The Fragrance of Christ

Ashley Nixon

Sep 20th 2021 · Day 263

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Our sense of smell is a powerful thing.

Did you know that people can identify around one trillion different scents?

Or that every thirty to sixty days, our scent cells are renewed?

Or even, that everyone has a unique smell identity, just like a fingerprint?*

The apostle Paul tells us that it is also possible to identify those who are being renewed in Christ as they themselves ‘spread the fragrance of the knowledge of him [Jesus] everywhere’ (2 Corinthians 2:14). Those who genuinely carry the Spirit of the living God carry a distinct fragrance that unbelievers can detect; to some it is the fragrance of life itself as they turn in repentance, accept the Lord and they too become children of God. However, to others, it is death’s stench, as they reject the truth of our Lord (vv. 15-16). Is the sweet aroma of salvation being emitted from your life? 

We can know the Scriptures but this doesn’t mean we are living for God, or even know Him. We can read the Bible and not yet be His child! I am often amazed by those who, battered and broken, arrive in rehab seeming to know the Bible, yet for some reason, it has remained unfruitful in their lives. But when we surrender to Jesus, we can know that real relationship with Him, experience the fruit of knowing Him, and share this with others who need the hope He brings.

Paul exhorts us today to be people of sincerity, ‘as commissioned by God’, and to declare His Word powerfully in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 2:17). Have you ever seen yourself as being ‘commissioned’ to share the good news of Jesus with others? 

Pause and reflect: Lord, help me to know You better. Help me spread the fragrance of Your presence wherever I go, to a hurting world, so that people might know that You love them. Amen. *See https://www.everydayhealth.com/news/incredible-facts-about-your-sense-smell/

Written By

Ashley Nixon

Me and my wife, Maria, joined Victory Church in November 2019 as we moved from Birmingham so I could continue my training as an Elim minister. Within the life of the church, I lead Limitless Victory Church (our new youth ministry), and work as a Recovery Co-Ordinator at the Hope Centre.

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