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Terry Leaman

Sep 24th 2021 · Day 267

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In verse 12 of the 2 Corinthians 6, Paul makes the statement that we are restricted not by others, not by Satan, not by God, but by our own affections.

It follows that if we simply love doing what the Almighty says, we will find new freedom. In truth, to know restriction is good if we are inclined to do wrong things, but if we act as God desires, we are liberated and released from the power of our weak and inefficient ways. 

The things we have learned to do during our lives before knowing God will have affected us. We often take the easy and the colourful route, and think that has to be the best path! God, however, has a better, more peaceful life for us, if we listen to His guidance. 

Yes, we go through scary times, but it’s much better to know the comforting presence of God with us when we go through trials and difficulties, than face them without Him.

Setting our affections on the best things, God’s things, is the best path for life. But are we still caught up in our affections for things we know are not of Him?

Whether we find ourselves restricted by our own worldly affections or liberated by following Jesus, and His plan for our lives, the choice is ours. 

Listening to the Father and obeying Him is the peaceful, overcoming and strong route, because He knows best. Take a moment to check your motives and look at the things you love, to see if they follow His thinking. Maybe you need to consider making a new commitment regarding your affections. Love what God loves!

Pause and reflect: Father God, I want to love what’s right and the things that You love. Teach me to want only Your ways. Amen. Father God, I want to love what’s right and the things that You love. Teach me to want only Your ways. Amen.

Written By

Terry Leaman

Terry is a Missions Pastor to Uganda with thousands turning their lives to God. A minister to Hope House and a Trustee of Kings Primary School Uganda for 450 pupils there. Seeing the miraculous works of God and people developing their faith is his vision and passion. Terry is married to Helen and blessed by God with 3 children and 8 grandchildren and the family have often witnessed God’s saving and healing power.

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