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Practise Wonder

Cath Woolridge

Jan 6th 2021 · Day 6

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I love how Psalm 104 is filled with beautiful imagery! One of the things that I feel God invites us to do every day is to ‘practise wonder’. In a world that so often chases after consumerism and consumption, making ‘More’ our king, this psalm instead is inviting us to look up more, to wander this life in wonder at all God has given in His sovereign power. When we open our eyes to all that is around us, our soul gets realigned to praise Him for how great and awesome He is – the God of the abundantly more (see Ephesians 3:20), which I think this psalm beautifully unravels through nature and metaphors.

Listen to some of these images of truth in the psalm:

God covers himself with light;
He stretches ‘the heavens like a tent’;
‘He lays the beams of his chambers on the waters’;
‘he makes the clouds his chariot’;
‘he rides on the wings of the wind’.

Why not choose one of these amazing imageries and just be still and know afresh that He is in control?

After a thorough reading of the entire psalm, it becomes obvious that everything in this world is kept by God. He created everything with a purpose; nothing came about haphazardly.
He is our ‘all in all’ (see 1 Corinthians 15:28). Take a look around and wonder through this psalm at the greatness and power of our God!

Pause and reflect: Is it no wonder that we can live in complete confidence and trust in such a God who orders everything perfectly? This psalm tells us when God ‘looks on the earth … it trembles’ (v. 32)! We are the pinnacle of God’s creation, so how much more should we ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul’ (v. 1)?

Written By

Cath Woolridge

Cath Woolridge lives in Pontypridd with her husband Dai Woolridge and goes to ‘The Lounge church’ in Ponty. She is passionate about Wales, Creativity, Loving people and most of all Jesus. Cath is the Dean at the Bible college of Wales and the creative director of SOW (Sound of Wales) a collective of creatives in the nation who are passionate about using creativity to equip the church and reach neighbourhoods and nations with the good news of Jesus. She has recently become an author with her first book ‘Pylon people’ 40 days of art and meditations to empower your spirit. 
Find out more at www.pylon-people.comwww.soundofwales.org.uk or www.creativeexchange.co 

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