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Grace is a Person

Vicki Rodham

Oct 4th 2021 · Day 277

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There has been much speculation around what Paul’s thorn in the flesh might have been (2 Corinthians 12:7): perhaps a sexual temptation, a long-term illness, a relationship issue? We will never know! 

The very fact that Paul’s thorn in the flesh has been left so ambiguous means that we can all take comfort from his words. Knowing that even the great apostle Paul had struggles that caused him great pain and suffering can bring us comfort and direction in our times of need. 

Not many of us, if any of us at all, can claim to have lived a life completely unrattled by pain and struggle. We are, after all, living in a fallen world. Jesus Himself tells us we will ‘have tribulation’ (John 16:33). 

So how do we approach these thorns that we may have hidden in our flesh? Do we think ourselves through them with positive thinking? Ignore them, perhaps? Not be honest about them? No! Just as Paul is told by the Lord, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness’ (v. 9), so it is the same with us. His grace is sufficient for all we are going through. And we remember that grace is a person: Jesus. 

That means that we don’t have to try hard to overcome; we simply ask our closest friend and ally in this world to come and be with us. This means that the very thing that causes us to be weak becomes the very issue that brings us to Jesus – the strength we need. 

Pause and reflect: Sit with Jesus for a while. Take time to remember that grace is a person. In every circumstance of life, grace is the very present presence of our friend, Jesus.

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Vicki Rodham

Originally from the Midlands, UK, Vicki and Andrew live in North Carolina, USA with their awesome children. On a journey of learning how to humbly do family God’s way, they are passionate about seeing broken lives restored through the love of Jesus, studying scripture, and seeking the presence of God in worship. 

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