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What We Think We know

Sheila Jacobs

Nov 4th 2021 · Day 308

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John 9 brings us to the story of the man who was born blind, whom Jesus heals. What a stir this causes! The Pharisees are disturbed, his parents get involved, and the man himself is ‘cast out’ (v. 34)!

This is a great example of the blind seeing, and those who are sighted, remaining unseeing. The Pharisees believe they ‘see’ but they have missed it. They’ve missed the Messiah in their midst. They say they serve God, but when God turns up, they don’t recognise Him. It is those who have perhaps been ‘blind’ before who see who He really is.

I think at times we can become so caught up with what we think we know, our preconceptions of how we think God may act, that we are inclined to miss Him when He does show up in places and people that we don’t expect.

We might think: ‘Here I am in a place I’d never expect God to be. And yet here He is, and I know it’s Him, ministering to people right in the middle of somewhere that nobody could say is holy.’

Or we might ask: ‘How can God use that person? I’ve been coming to church for thirty years. He’s only been here a week. I know what he was up to before he came to Jesus. And yet he just prayed for that woman, and she got healed!’

The fact is, we can’t put God in a box! He does amazing things that we don’t expect. And He uses all sorts of people. Let’s never forget that God is sovereign, and let ourselves be blinded to His unusual ways.

Pause and reflect: Can you think of any examples of God showing up in unexpected circumstances – or people? How did you respond to that? Thank God that He often acts outside of our expectations!

Written By

Sheila Jacobs

Sheila Jacobs is a Christian writer and editor, and an award-winning author. She is also a retreat leader and day chaplain at a retreat house. She loves listening to people’s stories, and encouraging writers to hone their
potential. She is passionate about pursuing God and helping others meet with Jesus.

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