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The Good Shepard

Beth Green

Nov 5th 2021 · Day 309

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I remember being a child and messing about, as kids do, in the supermarket, trying to hide from my parents. As they went past looking for me, I was giggling and not even aware that they were worried. 

I came out of hiding only to find I had lost my parents and didn’t know where they were. After some time of being lost, I heard them shouting my name. I knew their voices and rushed over to them.

In John 10 we read the story of the Good Shepherd and His sheep. I love the illustration that Jesus gives of Himself being the great Shepherd who knows His flock. Indeed, He knows us by name (v. 3). 

He says that we can know His voice (v. 4) but we can often allow ourselves to block out His voice, and tune in to other people’s voices instead. We can get lost in this world with all that life throws at us. 

In verse 9 Jesus describes Himself as ‘the door’: ‘I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.’ Jesus is the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep (v. 11). He is the door to salvation, to eternal life. If we enter by Him, we will find ourselves in relationship with a Shepherd who takes cares of us, who speaks to us, and has relationship with us. 

Let’s make sure we stay focused and listen out for His voice calling us back to Him, whenever we are tempted to stray off the path!

Pause and reflect: Would you like to hear the voice of Jesus more in your life? Spend some time this week listening to what Jesus wants to say. In a notebook or journal, jot down anything you think might be from Him.

Written By

Beth Green

Beth is recently married to her husband Sam and works as a project manager for the NHS. Beth has an amazing heart for children’s ministry and heads up Victory Kids and associated ministries. She loves to travel and is writing for BIAY once again in 2021.

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