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Excellent Spirit

Richard Reed

Nov 17th 2021 · Day 321

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In Daniel 6 today we see the prelude to Daniel being thrown into the lion’s den. He rises above all the other officials, because an ‘excellent spirit’ was upon him (v. 3); the jealous officials could find no wrongdoing in him. The other officials plot against Daniel and get the king to establish an ordinance which will not allow him to pray to God, knowing that he will not stop praying.

How often do we moan and groan about our situation or circumstance? Yet here we find Daniel taken from his homeland, exiled in a secular country of idol worship; his name has been changed and he is forced to speak another language. Yet we don’t find Daniel moaning about anything in his life! He is basically being the best he can be with whatever he is given to do. He is diligent and dependable and displays the glory of God in his life, to the point that the other officials want to see him thrown into the lion’s den! 

Is this how we live our lives? With an ‘excellent spirit’? Are we always looking to be the best that we can be? At work, in school, at home, at church? Are we always looking for the best in people or always looking to gossip about others? Do we set an example to our co-workers? Are we the first to volunteer at church without expecting anything in return? 

When we live with a lifestyle of an ‘excellent spirit’ it spills over into every area of our lives; we enjoy bringing glory to God in all we do. We love to pray, worship and read the Word of God. 

So… do you have an ‘excellent spirit’?

Pause and reflect: What would your life look like if you had an ‘excellent spirit’?

Written By

Richard Reed

Richard is married with four grown up children and works for an IT financial servicing company. For nearly 30 years the company has worked with all the major banks in the UK. Lay preacher for 20 years, trained as a Christians against poverty money coach. Passionate about seeing people released from financial burdens and bringing people to Jesus. 

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