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James Hackett

Nov 18th 2021 · Day 322

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I have much that I have been guilty of. I am an ex-con with a very chequered past. But have you ever been accused of something you weren’t guilty of?

I have. Back in around 2005, when I was working as an electrician, I had been completely free from the criminal world for quite some time. But one day I was approached by the police and arrested on suspicion of a serious crime. 

But – I was innocent! I felt like a massive injustice was taking place. I was fearful that I would be sent to prison for a long time for something I hadn’t done. So, I protested. I pleaded my innocence and eventually the case was dropped as the truth was brought into the light.

John 19:4 tells us that Pilate clearly found Jesus to be not guilty, yet we know that Jesus was charged anyway and executed by death on the cross. 

He was innocent but never pleaded His innocence. Jesus had done no wrong, yet never protested. Why? Because He knew that by His innocence and execution, those who believe in Him would receive justification before God.

The truth is this: God was so passionate about having a relationship with you, and with me, that He sent His only Son to die in our place to make it possible (see John 3:16). 

The innocent for the guilty.

You may have never been to prison, but none of us live perfect lives. That’s why we need a Saviour. I do. You do. 

Pause and reflect: Jesus, thank You so much for what You did for me on the cross. You took my guilt, and You set me free. I praise You. Amen.

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James Hackett

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