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Terry Leaman

Nov 19th 2021 · Day 323

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I love the resurrection story. I love the very notion that the person the disciples had seen die so awfully was now standing before them alive, fit and well. I try to imagine the thought of a fully dead person now standing in their close vision and them being able to examine fully everything about Him at close quarters. I love that Jesus singles out Thomas and caters for his doubts (v. 27). 

Resurrection is a phenomenal event – that the totally lifeless becomes totally filled with life again and begins a new chapter of living. 

I remember preaching one Sunday morning in Uganda and detailing what I could imagine happening within the body of Jesus that resurrection morning. The Holy Spirit so anointed the sermon. After the service the pastors hurried me across the church compound to a hut to pray for a lady who ‘was very sick with a bad heart’. I crouched down by the lady’s side, who was by now completely covered with a blanket, and emptied all my faith words in prayer.

I then stood up and greeted the various ministers as they came in. Turning in the lady’s direction, I saw the blanket slip off. She sat up, smiling. 

All of God’s miracles are resurrection of some sort, whether the life resuming in a limb, or a faculty returning again. I love the reference in John 20:22-23 to the Holy Spirit being breathed on them and forgiveness ensuing in lives.

God is life in every form. His mission is to impart it to us fully.

Pause and reflect: Lord God, please fill me with Your life, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Written By

Terry Leaman

Terry is a Missions Pastor to Uganda with thousands turning their lives to God. A minister to Hope House and a Trustee of Kings Primary School Uganda for 450 pupils there. Seeing the miraculous works of God and people developing their faith is his vision and passion. Terry is married to Helen and blessed by God with 3 children and 8 grandchildren and the family have often witnessed God’s saving and healing power.

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