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Andrew Rodham

Dec 13th 2021

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It’s easy to read Malachi 3:6-15 and come to the conclusion that the reason for God’s anger towards the lack of tithe - the 10 per cent given to God – was because the people were neglecting the God of their finances! But I wonder: perhaps we’ve got this the wrong way round.

Could it be that what we may rob God of – when we don’t give generously – is an opportunity for God to bless His children? 

God did not institute tithing for his own financial benefit, or to support His kingdom on earth. He does not need our finances any more than He needed the tithe of the people in the Old Testament! Remember, He provided for the Israelites’ every need in the wilderness, where they wandered after leaving Egypt – He is the great provider. 

In Malachi 3:10 God talks about opening the windows of blessing on His people. This is the only time in Scripture that God’s people are instructed to test him – in giving. Like a parent who can’t wait for their child to open the birthday gift they just know they’ve been waiting for, God can’t wait to show His goodness to us in the form of blessing!

2 Corinthians 9:7 tells us how God ‘loves a cheerful giver’. Our attitude towards giving can say much about our attitude towards God. Giving to others simply reflects the heart of God, who is the greatest giver of all. After all, He gave His Son to us, so that we need never know separation from Him.

Pause and reflect: Where might God be asking you to be more generous in your giving? This might be financial, but it could also be in giving your time or services to God. Think about it.

Written By

Andrew Rodham

Originally from the Midlands, UK, Andrew and Vicki live in North Carolina, USA with their awesome children. On a journey of learning how to humbly do family God’s way, they are passionate about seeing broken lives restored through the love of Jesus, studying scripture, and seeking the presence of God in worship. 

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