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Always Worthy!

Lydia Reed

Dec 19th 2021

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Reading Psalm 100 makes me want to jump up, shout and praise God for all He has done for me! Yet when reading it, I thought, ‘What if I didn’t feel like praising God? Would I still praise Him like this?’

There have been many times in my life when I’ve been on a mountaintop! I’ve wanted to shout from the highest of heights about all Jesus has done for me and how He’s so worthy of praise. Yet, there have also been times when I have been in the lowest of valleys and wanted to curl up in a ball and not praise God, because it feels like He hasn’t done that much for me. 

But whatever I’m going through, or facing, God is still holy, and worthy of my praise. Whatever I may be feeling, God doesn’t change. 

Knowing the Almighty God I’m worshipping, I understand the worship He deserves. It’s a kind of worship that is fully submitting to the authority and obedience of God with our body, soul and spirit, when we feel like it and even when we don’t. It’s the kind of worship that Jesus is deserving of morning, noon and night. 

This short psalm tells us that we enter His presence with thanksgiving and praise (v. 4). ‘For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures for ever’ and He is faithful (v. 5). God’s love and faithfulness towards us doesn’t change, so why should our praise and thanksgiving towards Him change?

Knowing He’s still worthy in the highs and the lows releases a freedom to worship, whatever we’re going through!

Pause and reflect: Whether you’re on a mountaintop or in a valley, spend time pondering on who God is and His constant worthiness.

Written By

Lydia Reed

Lydia and her family have been part of the Victory family for nearly seven years. Now aged 18 and currently studying in Bible College, Lydia serves on the Youth and Worship Team at Victory Church. Her heart is passionate for seeing the next generation set free and on fire for God.

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