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Peter Jenkins

Dec 27th 2021

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As we move to the climax of the book of Revelation, we find something in the opening verses that is worth reflection.

The first time the word ‘Hallelujah’ – praise to God – is used in the New Testament is found in this chapter and it is used four times. Let us consider why.

First, the Hallelujah of redemption, in verse 1. For all eternity we will be praising God for our salvation. Hallelujah!

Second, the Hallelujah of retribution, in verses 2 and 3. God will be the judge on that day and He will do what is right. Hallelujah!

Third, the Hallelujah of realisation, in verse 4. God is awesome! We will fall on our faces in the presence of God and cry ‘Hallelujah’!

Fourth, the Hallelujah of recognition, in verses 5 and 6. This is wonderful because it show us God recognises all His servants, ‘small and great’. You may think that what you do for Jesus is not important, but if you know Him and have asked Him to be your Saviour, if you have believed and He is your Lord, on that day you will hear that ‘Hallelujah’! How exciting to read of the ‘great multitude’ worshipping God together. May His praise be on our lips today and His love in our hearts as we seek to share His love with others and prepare for that great meeting!

This chapter also gives us an insight into the nature of angels. They are ‘fellow servants’ (v. 10) with us, and don’t accept our worship. The One we must worship is the triune God. The incarnate Word of God, Jesus, is ‘Faithful and True’ (v. 11) Hallelujah!

Pause and reflect: What (or who) can you say ‘Hallelujah’ for today?

Written By

Peter Jenkins

Peter serves as chaplain to The Voice Asia, a multimedia ministry targeting non-Christian Asians. He is also chaplain of the International Motors Group and missions pastor at Victory Church. He is passionate about being a channel of God’s blessing wherever he goes. Follow him on Twitter @PastorDelBoy

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