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Always Good

Terry Leaman

Dec 28th 2021

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In Job 34:2-4, Job’s friend Elihu introduces the idea of testing and choosing right, something we should do throughout our lives. God’s Spirit in us is the ‘spirit level’ that checks all things for goodness. We can set our lives by His truth. Verse 3 tells us, ‘the ear tests words as the palate tastes food’. Check for goodness!

I love that God is goodness; it’s His hallmark. Many people look good but if you test them, they don’t always seem to stay that way! However, even if He appears to be allowing something we just can’t understand, or shutting a door we would rather He opened, God is always good! 

Examining our lives for goodness is important. We can appear to be doing OK, but with the Holy Spirit’s help we can sometimes see problems when we take a closer look! But God doesn’t leave us just staring at our issues. Satan shows us our problems and often emphasises them, but God provides the goodness, the strength and the power to overcome them. Salvation is such a big, powerful and complete remedy, if we fully accept God’s gift.

If we need to be better, healthier, kinder, more merciful, more loving, more prosperous in all that we do, we need to acknowledge God’s goodness and ask for a download of His nature. God is good! If we search the Scriptures, we will see how good He is, all the time. Even if we don’t understand the test or the trial we are currently undergoing, we can still trust His goodness; it’s who He is – always good, in a fast-changing, imperfect and fallen world.

Pause and reflect: Job 34:4 says, ‘Let us choose what is right; let us know among ourselves what is good.’ Meditate on those words today.

Written By

Terry Leaman

Terry is a Missions Pastor to Uganda with thousands turning their lives to God. A minister to Hope House and a Trustee of Kings Primary School Uganda for 450 pupils there. Seeing the miraculous works of God and people developing their faith is his vision and passion. Terry is married to Helen and blessed by God with 3 children and 8 grandchildren and the family have often witnessed God’s saving and healing power.

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