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A Right Lens

Rebekah Thomas

Jan 12th 2021 · Day 12

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When I read Jesus’ words in Mark 7:13, I can almost hear and sense the angst. Jesus was referring to Jewish customs that were often intended to assist obedience to God’s law but instead sucked power out of it; I wonder how many Scripture-defying traditions we – the Church – have accumulated over centuries?

I don’t believe that all traditions or customs are wrong, but the problem arises when we – like those in Mark 7 – perceive God’s Word through traditions. It is clear that the religious rulers with whom Jesus contended believed that their customs and traditions were in line with the Scriptures they memorised and studied. They had followed the traditions so consciously for so long that they interpreted Scripture through the lens of their customs rather than evaluating their customs through the lens of the Scriptures. 

I regularly witness people quoting my words and attributing them to my husband because they’re preconditioned to expect such words to come from a man! This demonstrates just how susceptible we humans are to perceiving things according to how we’ve been preconditioned to perceive them. We do the same thing with the Bible. Traditions are a most potent form of preconditioning. If we’ve always done something a certain way, then we are inclined to perceive all things accordingly. Consequently, we empty the Word of God with our lens of tradition imposed upon it. If we desire to choose God’s Word over our own traditions, we must read His Word so often that we are exposed to it more than we are to preconditioning, and we must evaluate why we do the things we do. 

Pause and reflect: Holy God, we repent for cancelling Your Word, and we ask that You help us to see all things through the lens of Your Word. Amen.

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Rebekah Thomas

Bekah is passionate about Christ’s Church in the UK and about truth. Aside from enjoying DIY, reading, writing, art, socialising and the outdoors, Beks is director of women’s Hope Centre Ministries UK and on the Senior Leadership Team of Victory Church, Cwmbran. She is also studying a masters degree in Applied Theology.

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