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Can Somebody Switch The Light On

Kelvin Stribblehill

Feb 9th 2021 · Day 40

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Perhaps you haven’t experienced it yet, but at some point of time in this journey of faith you’ll go through different times of darkness. It’s either been dark, is dark or will get dark. Not very motivational, hey? Hang in there and stay with me, I’m about to switch a light on. 

Darkness usually means the absence of light, but I’d like to share some different thoughts on this concept from Exodus 20 to encourage you if you find yourself in a dark place. The Ten Commandments had just been given and a holy fear stuns the people. They see ‘flashes of lightning’, smoke and ‘the sound of the trumpet’ (v. 18). They drew back, yet ‘Moses drew near to the thick darkness where God was’ (v. 21). Where was God? Right in the thick of the darkness. Not absent from it!

1 John 1:5 says, ‘God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.’ Has the darkness of a pandemic, depression, grief, illness, or loneliness stunned you with an unholy fear? Be encouraged! Darkness cannot be in Him, but He can be in darkness, and this means He’s right there with you in yours. If you’ve just come out of a dark time, or are in one right now, I want you to know that God is not far and distant just because you’re stumbling in your struggle. He’s with you in it! Because of who God is, He can be in places we can’t face and shine His brilliance (Psalm 23:4). You’ve just got to switch the light of faith on to see Him, and if your portion of faith is missing, just ask. He’s an incredibly generous giver! 

My friend, light shines brightest in darkness and God has not abandoned you.

Pause and reflect: God is with us even when it is dark. Consider Him who never leaves you (Hebrews 13:5).

Written By

Kelvin Stribblehill

Kelvin is an itinerant missionary/Evangelist living in Italy where he serves God together with his wife Angela. They have a call to reach the most marginalised in society in Italy, Wales, the UK and beyond. They have a vision for large street evangelism campaigns, rescuing human trafficking victims and people with addictions by establishing homes of hope. They also regularly minister in local churches, having a desire to encourage and inspire the church to reach beyond the bricks and mortar of the buildings into the darkness of our communities to reach the lost.

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