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Idols and Obedience

Sam Green

Mar 19th 2021 · Day 78

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What is idolatry? A wooden figure carved by hand? In Deuteronomy 4:16 it describes just that, but what else can be an idol? What are idols in our life and culture – mobile phones, television, celebrities? So many things can become idols. We really need to be careful of the things that end up controlling our lives, not being simple tools that can be used for good. 

Sometimes – perhaps very often – we can become our own ‘idols’, as we put what we want before what God wants.

Obedience can be a hard thing, especially when we can think we know better. But the commandments God gives in Deuteronomy 5 aren’t to constrict people. They are there for guidance, for people to avoid things that will cause chaos in their lives. 

Have you ever tried to put together flat-pack furniture? Sometimes, being the stubborn person I am, I think I don’t need the instructions – I can do it by myself. I may start off OK but by the end I’ve made a right mess and need to go back to the instructions and figure out where it’s all gone wrong! God calls us to obey Him, we know we need to look to Him for the guidance we need, but we choose to try to work things out for ourselves and think we don’t need God. 

God doesn’t want to share us with other idols in our life – He wants to be first. We need to choose to put Him before everything, even our own desires and wants and plans. We need to focus on Him and Him alone. Like the people of Israel, He has set us free; He has brought us out of desperation, out of suffering and sin. 

Pause and reflect: Remember what Jesus has done for you and what He has brought you through. Perhaps play some worship music, and praise Him!

Written By

Sam Green

Sam is married to Beth and loves to drink quality coffee. He is passionate about leading worship and being a blessing to others at Victory Church. His vocational work is in the IT sector and he loves cooking.

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