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Seeing Others Well

Vicki Rodham

Mar 22nd 2021 · Day 81

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Luke 7 opens with a bang – ever the fast-paced gospel writer! Jesus heals a centurion’s servant and is pleased that the centurion understands the authority Jesus has been given on earth. Jesus then moves on to raise a widow’s son from the dead. John the Baptist’s crew turn up to ask if He really is ‘the one who is to come’ (v. 19) and Jesus responds, ‘Go and tell John what you have seen and heard’ (v. 22).

The authority of Jesus over every sphere of life is clear. Yet tucked in with the miraculous are relational motivations and restorations. We read that the centurion’s servant was ‘highly valued by him’ (v. 2), and that the son whom Jesus raised was the ‘only son of his mother, and she was a widow’ (v. 12). We are told by Luke that after Jesus raised the man, ‘Jesus gave him to his mother’ (v. 15). He is not only acting in His authority, He is taking care of the people and their relationships. 

To be like Jesus in our relationships, we need to see others well. We need the eyes of Christ. 

Towards the end of this chapter, the Pharisee called Simon learns this in an exquisite exchange with Jesus over a vulnerable, broken woman who is showing extravagant, and for some, inappropriate affection for Jesus. Jesus uses this moment to show the critical Pharisee how to see people better. He explains in a simple story exactly why this ‘sort of woman’, this ‘sinner’ (v. 39) would love Jesus so. 

Jesus looks towards her and asks Simon: ‘Do you see this woman?’ (v. 44). 

Seeing others well is important to Jesus.

Pause and reflect: Is there someone God is asking you to ‘see differently’ today?

Written By

Vicki Rodham

Originally from the Midlands, UK, Vicki and Andrew live in North Carolina, USA with their awesome children. On a journey of learning how to humbly do family God’s way, they are passionate about seeing broken lives restored through the love of Jesus, studying scripture, and seeking the presence of God in worship. 

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