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Be Expectant

Sam Green

Apr 16th 2021 · Day 106

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We as humans can find it hard to wait in general; we become so impatient in our stubborn ways. I think of times I’ve come home so hungry I can’t wait for food, end up snacking on something before dinner is ready, and ruining the amazing meal my wife’s prepared… because I was too impatient. 

Do we miss the calling of God, or the spectacular moment because we are too impatient or too stubborn? God calls us to wait on Him, being expectant, because something wonderful is about to happen. Let’s not be too impatient and miss out on the things God is calling us to and has planned for us. He wants us to long for and thirst for Him. 

I love thinking of what the day of Pentecost looked like, with people all gathered together, waiting expectantly for something amazing to happen. 

Something amazing did happen. In Acts2:2-3, it describes this mighty sound coming from heaven and ‘tongues as of fire’ resting on each of them. Acts 2:6 tells us it gets even better when the disciples experienced speaking in different languages by the mighty works of God. 

Such an awesome movement of God, but would it have happened if these people hadn’t been united, waiting together expectantly for the Holy Spirit? Psalm 27:14 tells us: ‘Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!’ Let’s come together, united like they were in Acts 2, and wait on the Holy Spirit to come. As we wait with fully expectant hearts, let’s see what God wants to do in our lives and our nation.

Pause and reflect: Are you waiting expectantly for the Holy Spirit to come? Are there people you can ‘wait with’, and see how God will move and impact your life, and the life of your town/city/village?

Written By

Sam Green

Sam is married to Beth and loves to drink quality coffee. He is passionate about leading worship and being a blessing to others at Victory Church. His vocational work is in the IT sector and he loves cooking.

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