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Trusting God

Beth Green

Apr 23rd 2021 · Day 113

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In Acts 7 we read Stephen’s recounting of the story of the burning bush. God begins to speak to Moses and communicates to him that he has seen what has happened with the Israelites and that Moses is the one to set them free. 

Remembering the Old Testament story, found in Exodus, we may recall that Moses was hesitant to trust in and believe what God was asking of him. 

I started this year hesitant to trust God in my situation. I was told that my work contract was due to finish at the end of March. I had an interview during the second week of January and believed that this was going to be my breakthrough. But I didn’t get the job. I was confused, as I had believed that this was God’s plan for me. I became hesitant again to trust God. 

Even when God reveals Himself to us, we may still question Him. We can’t seem to comprehend how God is going to break through in the different areas in our lives. However, at the beginning of March, I saw a breakthrough in my circumstances and now have a new job! 

Are you in a situation where you’re hesitant to trust God? It’s good to remember what He has done for us in the past, especially when we’re in a difficult place, and to know that although we may not always understand what’s happening, He does. 

In Acts 7, Stephen was in a very dangerous position, but was still declaring the works of God. What a man of faith! He trusted God, even to the end (Acts 7:54-60).

Do we have a faith like Stephen’s? A faith that is willing to trust with all our heart, whatever the outcome? 

Pause and reflect: God doesn’t always give us the breakthrough we want or expect, but He asks us to ‘acknowledge’ and trust Him (Proverbs 3:5-6). Are you finding it difficult to trust Him with some area of your life today? Acknowledge who He is by worshipping Him now.

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Beth Green

Beth is recently married to her husband Sam and works as a project manager for the NHS. Beth has an amazing heart for children’s ministry and heads up Victory Kids and associated ministries. She loves to travel and is writing for BIAY once again in 2021.

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