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Unchangeable Father

Mark Greveson

Apr 27th 2021 · Day 117

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In 1 Samuel 12:12 we read the prophet’s words to the people: ‘And when you saw that Nahash the king of the Ammonites came against you, you said to me, “No, but a king shall reign over us,” when the Lord your God was your king.’ 

How many choices have we made that oppose God’s will for our lives and effectively reject His lordship over us and His plans for our future as well as the here and now?

I know that I’ve personally made many choices in my life that have not been what my King has considered as part of His plan for me. There have been relationships that weren’t appropriate and life choices that would prove detrimental to me and others. Some of those choices once made could not be undone, and then I was faced with the ongoing consequences. 

Israel asked for an earthly king when all along God was their King. This rejection of God’s position as King of Israel was a choice that would have negative consequences, but those consequences didn’t include the loss of relationship with God. Even though Israel rejected God as their King, God did not reject Israel as his children. In their hard-hearted rejection He remained a loving Father and continued in relationship with His people, also loving the kings that they had chosen in His place – some of these rulers would follow Him (including David, who wrote Psalm 38), but many would not.

In Jesus, we become God’s adopted children (John 1:12; Ephesians 1:5) and God remains faithful, continuing in relationship with us despite our frequent rejection of His plans and purposes for our lives. He remains our unchangeable Father. 

Pause and reflect: Are you choosing any ‘King Sauls’ in your life, rather than God? Think about it!

Written By

Mark Greveson

A follower of Jesus since the age of 21 and living in Newport, South Wales. Mark is 55 years old, married to Natalie and the father of six adult children and now collecting grandchildren.  Surrendering to Jesus shortly after serving in the British Army during the 1980’s, Mark identifies an amazing life journey that’s been spiritually educated by frequent struggle and suffering. 

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