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Without Hesitation

Sherard Wood

Apr 28th 2021 · Day 118

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After moving into a new community, we felt the leading of God at Easter to bear witness. We took an opportunity, as a family, to walk through the village, house to house, introducing ourselves, delivering Easter eggs and sharing the gospel where we could. 

What began as an exciting thought turned to feelings of hesitation upon setting out. Incredibly, the feeling of uneasiness passed and we were overtaken by powerful moments of His presence. It seems that when you move through the crowd, God will take you to the ones and twos who are in desperate need of His touch.

There is a recurring thread to the book of Acts – people follow God to where and to whom He wants them to share the gospel. 

In today’s reading, Roman centurion Cornelius is supernaturally instructed to send men to fetch Peter, which he does (Acts 10:5-8). Peter receives confirmation that the messengers who arrive are indeed sent by the Spirit: ‘Rise and … accompany them without hesitation, for I have sent them’ (v20). He goes to meet with Cornelius and consequently ‘the Holy Spirit fell on all who heard the word’ (v44).

The Holy Spirit moves in Cornelius and in Peter. Neither of them knew about the other until the Holy Spirit brought them together. In fact, Peter had just received his own revelation that the gospel was for everyone, not just the Jewish people, and so obeyed God when he was then called to visit a ‘Gentile’ (vv9-16).

It takes God to make things happen! But we must also be willing to hear Him, and do what He says. 

So, when the Holy Spirit speaks, without arguing or hesitation, go and see what God will do!

Pause and reflect: Is the Holy Spirit asking you to connect with or visit someone today? Is there something you need to do ‘without hesitation’?

Written By

Sherard Wood

Sherard is married to April and together they have a passion for Jesus, family and the local church. They enjoy time with their children and grandchildren and love living their lives in local church gathered community. As well as being a senior leader at Victory Church Sherard also helps coordinate Victory Circles across the life of the community.

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