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When Less is More

Alan Jefferies

Apr 29th 2021 · Day 119

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The words of Psalm 39 relays to us a deep insight into the writer’s heart. David lays bare his thoughts, his hopes, his desires, his experience and even revelation he has received from Yahweh.

The psalm contains so much that helps us to make sense of and add meaning to our own experiences. Central to that understanding are the words in verse 6: ‘Surely a man goes about as a shadow! Surely for nothing they are in turmoil; man heaps up wealth and does not know who will gather!’

The writer is issuing a challenge that may have lost something in translation. This is not just about the temporal nature of this life, but the futility of activity for activity’s sake. This can never have been more evident in human existence as it is in twenty-first century life. In our culture we have often mistaken activity for achievement, and in terms of discipleship we have confused activity with fruitfulness. 

Fruitfulness in my life is not measured by how much I do, but by how much God breathes on and blesses what I do. To ensure fruitfulness we need to concentrate on obedience, not activity. The words of the Old Testament leader and prophet Samuel still ring true; he said: 'to obey is better than sacrifice’ (1 Samuel 15:22).

The message – it’s not how much you do, it’s what you do that counts. Sometimes ‘less is more’, when we are doing what God has asked us to do, no more, no less.

Pause and reflect: Lord, help me today to discern between activity for activity’s sake and activity for Your name’s sake. Amen.

Written By

Alan Jefferies

Alan and his wife Paula have been a part of Victory Church since 2016. They have served in a number of different ministries and locations during that time. They are both also a part of Prayer Centre Wales and share the passion for prayer to return to the heart of the nation.

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