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Ashley Nixon

May 3rd 2021 · Day 123

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Paul’s Damascus Road experience is well known – we especially remember his powerful encounter with the Lord (Acts 9:1-9). Not all of us have a dramatic experience when we come to Christ! We may know that we know Him, but it seems to have been a journey rather than something which started with a big conversion experience. 

After Saul’s conversion we don’t immediately read of great healings and miracles. In fact, the disciples are initially frightened of him – they know his reputation! A powerful speaker, though, Saul has to flee for his life (Acts 9:23-30). Later, Barnabas, the ‘son of encouragement’, goes to Tarsus to look for Saul. Saul spends an entire year with Barnabas, teaching and no doubt being encouraged in the faith (Acts 11:25-26). 

Then in Acts 13 we see Saul, confronted by the kingdom of darkness, able to step up, rebuke Elymas, experience the power of God performing a miracle through him, and witness his first recorded salvation (Acts 13:9-12). Interestingly, this is the first time that Saul is called Paul; this is the moment when everything changed for him, this is the moment when he clothed himself in his kingdom authority, this is the moment when the legend of the apostle Paul was born. His life story is a fascinating one, and well worth reading and studying.

Yes, he’d had an amazing conversion experience, and perhaps you have too. But it’s not how you begin with Christ that matters most – or your subsequent failures. What matters is that you keep growing in God, getting ever-closer to Him, so that when you are given the divine opportunity you are able to put on your kingdom authority and trust in the power of Almighty God.

Pause and reflect: How did you come (or are coming) to know Jesus? Who has helped and encouraged you? Are you growing in relationship with Him and other disciples? Review your journey.

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Ashley Nixon

Me and my wife, Maria, joined Victory Church in November 2019 as we moved from Birmingham so I could continue my training as an Elim minister. Within the life of the church, I lead Limitless Victory Church (our new youth ministry), and work as a Recovery Co-Ordinator at the Hope Centre.

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