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Lift Up Your Eyes

Sheila Jacobs

Jul 1st 2021 · Day 182

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In Psalm 121:1, the psalmist makes it clear that He is looking to God for help as he lifts up his ‘eyes to the hills’. 

This psalm promises protection: verse 7 says that God ‘will keep you from all evil’. What does that mean? Sometimes bad stuff happens. Perhaps we have done something that has harmed us or others, or something has been done to us; or maybe circumstances, illness, things that simply could not be helped, have tried to derail our lives.

God does protect – there is no doubt about that. We are safe from the storm in the centre of His will, even though at times it can be scary. And we know that ultimately, whatever we are going through is only temporary. It isn’t the end of the story. We are pilgrims on a journey while we are on earth, but in Jesus, our destination is assured. Here, says Jesus, ‘you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world’ (John 16:33).

Following Jesus doesn’t make life perfect and trouble-free. But we know we aren’t in it alone. When my mother had to go to live in a care home because she had dementia, as well as other health problems, I asked the Lord, ‘Why?’ He showed me a picture of a piece of paper, with lots of dark lines on it, and I felt it was a picture of my life. In the middle of the chaos was a little stick person – me – and besides me, another stick person, who I just knew was Jesus. ‘I’m in it with you,’ he said. And He has been. 

When we need help, then, let’s look to God, the One who knows everything, the One we can trust. 

Pause and reflect: Do you need to lift up your eyes to God today?

Written By

Sheila Jacobs

Sheila Jacobs is a Christian writer and editor, and an award-winning author. She is also a retreat leader and day chaplain at a retreat house. She loves listening to people’s stories, and encouraging writers to hone their
potential. She is passionate about pursuing God and helping others meet with Jesus.

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