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Keep it Simple

Terry Leaman

Jul 2nd 2021 · Day 183

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In 1 Kings 9 we read of God’s conversation with King Solomon.

He reiterates a theme that occurs right throughout the Bible. It is that if we follow what God tells us, we won’t go wrong. 

It’s a simple path. 

However, doing what God tells us is not always simple – because sometimes our old habits, our old way of living, can make us want to do something else. Often that ‘something else’ seems to be more exciting and altogether more inviting. 

So, God requires a commitment from us. The commitment is simple – we just need to make a choice to do what God says. What He wants from us is not a complicated route to travel. It just has signposts that point to doing the right thing, as much as we can. 

We know God can’t bless us when we do wrong – it’s as simple as that! We need to obey Him. Jesus endured the pain of the cross so that we can live to please Him. When we come to Christ, He gives us the Holy Spirit so that we have the power to live a new way; we can ask the Holy Spirit to give us strength to overcome temptation, and to do the right thing.

Today we need to ask God for His help as we choose to follow Him. We need to simply ask, and then we will find that He is more than willing to help, assist and empower us to obey His Word, to do good, and to please Him.

Pause and reflect: Father in heaven, help me choose Your way, and to keep asking for Your power to live for You. Amen.

Written By

Terry Leaman

Terry is a Missions Pastor to Uganda with thousands turning their lives to God. A minister to Hope House and a Trustee of Kings Primary School Uganda for 450 pupils there. Seeing the miraculous works of God and people developing their faith is his vision and passion. Terry is married to Helen and blessed by God with 3 children and 8 grandchildren and the family have often witnessed God’s saving and healing power.

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