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The Charge

Clyde Thomas

Jul 7th 2021 · Day 188

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When I was a child, I loved cross-country running. The feeling of conquering my own mind’s limitations and feeling the burn of my lungs and legs left me with an amazing feeling of accomplishment. From start to finish I knew that the only opponent was myself. It was a race for my best in each and every case. 

My PE teacher at the time introduced us to the relay race. This was a whole different scenario; now I had to understand how to work in a team. Receiving the baton and passing the baton, the battle now was for unity.

In 2 Timothy 2, Paul challenges his spiritual son not to hold on to what he has learned from him, but rather to ‘entrust [it] to faithful men who will be able to teach others also’. Paul was ‘charging’ Timothy with the responsibility of passing the baton on. But the scripture goes further than just passing it on glibly. Paul clearly instructed Timothy to carefully and prayerfully choose who he passed his wisdom on to, looking for faithful people who could do the same. The aim? Multiplication. This is how the message would pick up pace; this is how we win the race.

As we have journeyed this year, no doubt we have gained insight and revelation that we are challenged by – and we should allow these things to change us. But just as importantly, we must pass what we have learned on to others. This is the charge on our lives as believers. 

What have you learned – and who can you share it with?

Pause and reflect: Prayerfully consider who you can pass this devotional on to today. Perhaps contact them and encourage them in their faith and growth in the Lord.

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Clyde Thomas

Clyde is a passionate follower of Jesus who serves as the lead pastor of Victory Church and the UK director for Hope Center Ministries. He is married to Rebekah and together they are sold out for the cause of Christ in their generation. He started Bible in a Year to help people grow in their devotional lives. Follow him on Twitter: @MrClydeT

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