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Eat The Rainbow

Anna Goodman

Jul 8th 2021 · Day 189

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When it came to eating fruit and vegetables, my mother always used to say, ‘Eat the rainbow!’ Now I have children of my own I often repeat her words: ‘What colours have you eaten today? Make sure to eat the rainbow!’

The logic behind this advice is simple. Different-coloured fruit and vegetables contain different nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you only ate carrots, you’d be missing out on the nutrients from beetroot. If you only ate apples, you’d be missing out on the vitamins found in grapes. By eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, you will be helping to ensure that you get all that you need in order to keep your body strong, healthy and nourished. 

The Bible is a bit like a rainbow. It’s made up of sixty-six books written by forty authors, and it includes a wide range of content, for example: poetry, law, history and prophecy. 

2 Timothy 3:16 says, ‘All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness’. Note that it doesn’t say ‘Some of Scripture…’ or ‘Parts of Scripture…’ but ‘All Scripture’. If all Scripture is ‘breathed out by God’ (or ‘inspired by God’, NLT) and all of it is ‘profitable’, then that suggests that reading all the different parts of the Word is necessary, in order to keep ourselves spiritually strong and healthy. If we only read from the Psalms, we will miss out on what is in Leviticus! 

It’s all there to help us grow, mature and love God more.

Pause and reflect: Do you have a tendency to focus on reading the books in the Bible that you like and find ‘easy’? Remember to eat the rainbow!

Written By

Anna Goodman

Having lived in Honduras, Nepal, Belgium and Barbados, Anna has a heart for the nations. She holds degrees in neuroscience from the Universities of St. Andrews (BSc) and Cambridge (Ph.D.) and also completed five years of Postdoctoral research. Currently a stay-at-home mother, Anna enjoys writing and serving alongside her husband who is an elder in their local church. She is the author of “Connected: God’s quiet voice in a world that shouts

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